The Story of Sead Hajrovic


Sead Hajrovic challenges for the ball with his new club, FC Winterthur. At one point, he was a U17 World Champion, now his goal is to get into the Super League.

It could happen to you as well. Imagine sitting in a taxi in some foreign land and the driver asks you where you’re from.

“Bosnia-Herzegovina,” I respond.

The discussion continues with football until he asks a question, “Ah, this Hajrovic, is he any good? Is he good enough for Bremen?”

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Yugoslavia National Football Team … today? (Part 3: Midfielders)


How would Yugoslavia rank among the top national teams in the world today? After breaking up into eventually 7 countries (including Kosovo), Yugoslavia has become a thing of the past. But what if, hypothetically, we could create a starting 11 for this team today? Who would start? And, more importantly, how would this starting 11 fare against the big powerhouses of today, countries such as Spain and Germany?

Note: For the starting 11, I will simply pick one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards. Most positions will also include some runner-ups. Lets begin!

For the previous part, go to Part 2: Defenders


Central Midfielders

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Update Post: Full List of Bosnian Transfers (Summer 2014)

The 2014 World Cup did wonders for our country, as we were finally able to showcase the talents of our small country to the whole world.

One of the best affects the World Cup had was that scouts were finally going to watch our players play against the best in the world. Those who impressed were able to get transfers.

But the transfers didn’t stop with our senior team. The World Cup also indirectly affected us, as many of our youth prospects were also able to get transfers given the exposure we got as a country.

Full list of bosnian Transfers (Summer 2014)

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